Injustice: Gods Among Us Mod Apk v3.4 (Unlimited Money)

NameInjustice: Gods Among Us
Offered ByWarner Bros. International Enterprises
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UpdatedOctober 9, 2021 (1 month ago)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

If you could get a chance to be a DC superhero, would you lose that opportunity? Injustice: Gods Among Us Mod Apk is the ideal game for you because it allows you to play as each DC character, ensuring that you will not be bored while playing.

Each character has unique skills that will astound you. You can compete against gamers from all over the world and form a team to defeat your opponents. Because the enemies are extremely powerful, you must assemble a squad that will ensure your win against them.

We all are aware that in the version of the game that is available in the Google Play Store or Apple Store, you have to pay for the premium features. The features that need to be paid are necessary to win the battle against the enemies. If you play without the premium features, then it will take ages to win a battle against the players.

To make you victorious every time you play, I have come up with a solution for you. I present you with the link to download Injustice: Gods Among Us Mod Apk.

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About Injustice: Gods Among Us Mod Apk


Have you ever dreamt what it’s like to be Batman, Superman, or any other DC superhero? Well, this game provides you with the ideal opportunity to transform into your favorite superhero. You can not only play your favorite DC character, but also other characters from the DC universe that you admire.

The villains are highly cunning and powerful, you must create a squad with prudence. You must be informed of their skills to assemble a far more formidable team capable of defeating them in a matter of seconds. You will get to choose to be transformed into a superhero such as Batman or Superman or any other superhero from DC.

As with any other game, this game has many features that you will need to pay to get it. The features will be beneficial for you to win against your opponents. Also, it will be very hard for you to defeat the supervillains without these features. Do you want to know a solution for this? Yes, it is the modded version of Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Wouldn’t it be great to be the most powerful superhero in the world? The premium features that will make this possible are present in the Injustice: Gods Among Us Mod Apk version. You’ll have an easier time defeating the supervillains.

You will battle against the opponents in 3v3 mode, where you will have to think twice before choosing a superhero. You should be twice as many steps ahead of the villains and make the moves that will guarantee your victory against the villains.  You will also get a chance to show off your power by battling against the best players in the world by combating it in 1v1 mode.

You will get an infinite amount of money, characters will be unlocked, strong moves, and many more that you crave while playing the game. You can watch replays to pinpoint the mistakes that you have made in the previous battle. Then, according to the mistakes, you can improvise the moves or choose a new character to destroy the enemies.

It has also a card collecting element where you can unlock the characters which can be collected through finishing the levels. It has a great storyline with interactive stages. Upgrade your character’s strengths and skills to battle against multiple opponents and be a powerful leader.

Features of Injustice:Gods Among Us Mod Apk

This game gives a realistic fighting experience. You will not feel like you’re playing the game but you will feel like you are a superhero that will save the world against the villains that want to destroy the world.

Superheroes are always victorious. They may take a breather to re-energize themselves before planning a move to crush them. Unfortunately, in the original edition of the game, this will be difficult. However, in the hacked version, you will have access to features that will leave no doubt about your strength, and these features are outlined below.

All Characters Unlocked


In the original version of Injustice: Gods Among Us, most of the characters are locked and you have to complete the levels and tasks to get them unlocked. It is time-consuming, so to save your time and effort, all the characters are unlocked in the modded version and you use that character as many times as you want.

Infinite Money


Money is needed to buy goods in the game and power credits. The amount of money you get in the game is not sufficient enough to get all the credits and things that you want for the characters. 

If you want to get an unlimited amount of money, then download Injustice: Gods Among Us Mod Apk.

Challenge mode


A game without a challenge is monotonous. It is held on Thursdays of every week where you can get an insane amount of prizes if you win that challenge.

You can participate in this challenge even where you will be paired against the best players in the world. 

Challenge Booster Packs

Challenge Booster Packs

Now, from the word booster itself, what comes into your mind? It is the perks that you will get to boost the power of the character that you are playing. With this feature, you will get power credits, support cards, promotions, and others.

There are no restrictions to using the challenge packs and you can get the challenge booster packs without having to spend a single penny in the game’s store.

Free Power Credits

Free Power Credits

The question will come to your mind: what does a power credit do? It can upgrade your characters and special attacks and many more which are extremely valuable for the game. You can earn these by completing the bonus tasks and engaging.

Safe and secure

Safe and secure

Unknown software downloaded from any source can harm your device because it may include viruses. I’d like to reassure you that you don’t have to be concerned. We’ve made every effort to keep you engaged while also keeping your safety and security in mind.

Graphics and Sounds

Even the tiniest of elements are depicted in a lovely manner in the game. The game’s animations are stunning, and even the smallest sounds like the clanging of battles, skills used by the character, and voices of the characters are realistic enough that you’ll feel like you’re fighting in real life while playing it.

Steps to download Injustice:Gods Among Us Mod Apk

Downloading any application from the website can be a little difficult at first, so here I am providing you with the simple steps to download below:

Step1: The first step is to go to this website’s bottom and click on the link that says “Start Download.”

Step2: Go to Chrome’s upper-left corner, or your file manager, and select the file you just downloaded.

Step2: Then, in your phone’s settings, turn on “Allow from this source.”

download Injustice Gods Among Us Mod Apk

Step3: Finally, before sharing it with your friends, you must download and install it on your smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

As this game is your ultimate favorite, there will be questions prevailing in your mind. I am here to answer the questions that are frequently asked so that you will have no doubt download this game from the website.

1. Which DC characters can I get from this game?

  • All of the characters that are in the DC are available in this game such as Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Harley Quinn and many more.

2. Is this mod version of Injustice: Gods Among Us Mod Apk for free?

  • Absolutely. Everybody should get a chance to play their favourite superhero with no restrictions, and there are no hidden charges.

3. How can I download this game from this website?

  • You just have to follow the steps that I have listed above. The steps are pretty much simple and you will have no difficulty in downloading the game.


Injustice: Gods Among Us should be on everyone’s bucket list, especially DC fans. You can play with a variety of characters, and the premium features offered in the hacked version ensure that you get the most out of the game.

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